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Your partner has shared an incredibly personal truth about themselves: Their gender identity is something other than what you thought. Both of your lives changed the moment you learned this truth. Now what?

This news can come as a shock that leaves you feeling devastated, isolated, and confused. The life you envisioned and the dreams you had for the future suddenly seem like a distant reality as you grapple with questions of how to move forward. Or you may have jumped into support mode, validating your partner’s reality, and championing the decisions they want to implement, all the while denying your own pain.

If you are beating yourself up for not knowing sooner, are struggling to accept your partner’s identity, or feel lost on how to move forward in your relationship, I can help.As a psychotherapist, PFLAG support group facilitator, professor, and speaker, I’ve talked with hundreds of couples navigating one partner’s gender diversity. I know how hard it can be to validate one’s own grief and celebrate a partner’s authentic self-expression.I’ve created resources and offerings that will help you navigate the journey ahead so you can shed your pain and step into your pride!

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For Individuals or

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My coaching programs are a lifeline to compassionate understanding and advice during your most difficult moments. We will work to validate your painful emotions, deepen your understanding of gender, navigate changes and difficult decisions, and prepare you on how to support your partner’s gender journey. I offer individual, couples, and group packages.


For Individuals or Couples

located within California

Let’s take a deep dive into your emotional world. If you are beating yourself up for not knowing sooner, are struggling with acceptance or overwhelming emotions, or feel lost on how to move forward in your relationship, therapy is your place to grieve, process, learn, and acquire new tools to support you and your partner on the road ahead.

Weekend Retreat

An Immersive and Transformative Experience

The Partner Retreat offers a holistic therapeutic approach for partners of gender diverse individuals to process their emotions, deepen their understanding of identity, release shame, and step into pride so that they can become an affirming ally to their beloved, while connecting with others navigating a similar emotional transformation.

For every couple in which one person is socially and/or medically transitioning, the other partner is also undergoing an emotional metamorphosis. I have developed a process to help you examine and resolve any emotional issues that are holding you back from affirming your transitioning or gender non-binary partner.

Schedule a call to learn how I can help you:


Express and explore your emotions without criticism or judgment. Feel equipped to better support yourself and your partner with education and resources.


Gain insights about the origins of your emotions and beliefs and how they are impacting you, your relationship with your partner, other family members, friends, and colleagues.


Deepen your understanding about gender identity and the challenges your partner faces, so you can feel confident about how to best support your loved one.


Release the shame and step into your pride, feeling comfortable that you can be the affirming partner your beloved needs in order to thrive.

My Signature Process

Your beliefs and perspectives are what hold you back from being your best self – a self that is accepting and affirming of those who are different from you. We reinvent ourselves multiple times throughout our lives, and in each dynamic, there is an emotional journey that we are forced to traverse.

I have created a healing process that brings new insights, a deeper understanding of gender identity, and transformational opportunities for parents, partners, and professionals. Together we will progress from ‘Unaccepting’ to ‘Tolerating’ to ‘Accepting’ and ultimately to ‘Affirming’ the beautiful diversity that is gender.

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Resources for Partners

A list of websites, organizations, and other resources that provide information about and for LGBTQ-identified people and those who love them.

Linda K. Reeves is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of California, license #100195. Linda is also a World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) Certified Gender Specialist (GEI). Copyright © 2023 Linda K. Reeves Privacy Policy

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