Learn with LINDA K.

I've always believed information is power, and these recordings and articles offer lots of great information and tips for parents and professionals.

For Parents

The Today Show with Hoda & Jenna

Linda participates as an expert in helping parents understand how to best support their LGBTQ+ child.

Pride Month

South Bay live

Linda talks about the history of the celebration that is Pride Month, and what ignited her passion for supporting LGBTQ+ individuals.

For the Community

Pages Bookstore, Manhattan Beach, CA

Linda speaks to her local community on the importance of  building a new inclusive and affirming ethos in which LGBT families can thrive.

For Parents

South Bay Families Connected

What parents need to know when their kid comes out as LGBTQ+.


PFLAG Manhattan Beach / South Bay Gender meeting

Linda talks about the way therapeutic needs may differ and will likely change over time whether you are an individual going through your own gender experience, a parent/caregiver, or a sibling/friend supporting someone on a gender journey.

For Parents

Good housekeeping

How to Support Your LGBTQ+ Kid When He, She or They Come Out.

Linda is interviewed on ways parents can become the “safe harbor” their child needs.

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If you're looking to open people’s hearts and minds to a more inclusive and affirming perspective, look no further. Linda has spoken at national and regional conventions, to civic organizations, employment resource groups, parent-teacher-student associations, businesses, school districts, and in clinical settings. Book her to speak at your next event!

Linda K. Reeves is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of California, license #100195. Linda is also a World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) Certified Gender Specialist (GEI). Copyright © 2023 Linda K. Reeves Privacy Policy

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